Added on 19 February 2018
BFC Mini Farm
by Bintaro Fish Center
start from Rp 75,000
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BFC Mini Farm provides an educational with mini & exotic animals for family.

Fun activities including:
Movie presentation
Participant can see the whole program in short movie and our guide will give short brief about the animal we have in our farm. (Movie & presentation only for minimum 20 participant)

Hedgehog Farm
BFC Mini Farm hedgehog farm founded 2008 was the biggest hedgehog farm in the world. We have more than 7000 hedgehog. They also gone see the new born baby and see how good the hedgehog farm.

Lobster Farm
Lobster farm was founded at 2002, in this farm participant will see the different between sea lobster and fresh water lobster, male & female, lobster with egg, changing skin lobster etc. Participant also will learn how to hold lobster using bare hand, after that will go inside the swimming pool full with lobster & fish, and try to catch it using a net or bare hand.

Tortoise & Turtles
We have collection several different turtle and tortoise. One of the turtle was the largest fresh water turtle
in the world, with weight almost 50 kg. Participant will give the giant turtle a bath using tooth brush, give a shower and dry it using a towel, after that take picture with the turtle.

Rabbit Farm
Our rabbit farm founded at 2010 have more than 150 rabbit from several different type. Participant will
feed the rabbit and play with them in the grass field.

Boa Snake
We also have collection of rare and exclusive Boa Snake, that safe to touch. This snake has no poison. We already raise this snake since its still a baby.

Otter Farm
This cute animal was raise from a baby by hand feeding, they eat fish and cat food as a snack. Children can feed the otter with a cat food. In Indonesia people call it as Linsang or Sero.

Fish Farm
We also have thousand of tilapia fish, participant can feed them with fish pellet. Fishing will be charge Rp. 20.000 / fishing rod and Rp. 4000/100 gram fish. Live fish will pack using plastic and oxygen

Schedule: Monday - Sunday 09:00 - 17:00
BFC Mini Farm
Jl. Baitis Salmah Kavling, Tegal Rotan, Sawah Baru, Ciputat, Sawah Baru, Ciputat, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15413, Indonesia
Ciputat 15413
General: Rp 75,000